How Custom Mailing Bags Can Help You Promote Your Brand

Mailing bag and its characteristics

Mailing bags or poly mailers are a lightweight and easy to use alternative to using corrugated sheet card boxes, ideally used for shipping apparel and non-fragile items.

Their main characteristics of mailing bags or poly mailers include:

  • Weather resistant like protection of products inside from rain, dust or moisture
  • Easy-to-use package
  • Flexible
  • Self-sealing
  • Saves shipping costs as compared to using card boxes
  • Can be customized and personalized
  • Safe and secure because once sealed it needs to be cut to take the inside product out
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for transporting confidential documents like passports, etc.

Because of the above mentioned characteristics, especially the fact that mailing bags can also be designed and printed to promote any brand, more and more businesses today use custom mailing bags to not only ship their products, but also to distribute souvenirs and product samples packed in them for guests at any corporate event or conference.

How can custom mailing bags be used for brand promotion?

Custom mailing bags or custom shipping bags can be used for promoting any brand in a number of ways.

1 # Convenience

While you serve your customers with custom mailing bags with the core objective of brand promotion, your customers would love to carry them because of their convenience factor. Custom poly bags are very easy and casual to handle and require no formal etiquettes.

2 # Reusability factor

One of the finest things about using custom mailing bags is that they can be used again and again for any number of times before finally wearing out and being thrown in trash. Because of this the longer they are used, the more brand promotion of your product they can possibly do.

3 # Conscious customers

Buyers today have become super conscious than ever on what maximum utility they could derive from each penny that they spend. They not only care about the product that they are buying but also the packaging that contains it. For any business which is not able to keep up with these demands of its customers, can really face a decline in its sales. Giving a meaningful and purpose built custom poly bag on every sale that is shipped will not only make your customers happy, but will also promote your product.

4 # Made for the right occasion

To increase sales volume and to garner more and new customers, businesses today all around the globe engage in celebrating different events to mark important days of the year. Getting custom poly bags for shipping can help businesses establish the fact that how much they care for the community that they operate in and how much they respect their culture by rewarding them in the best possible manner. Hence, having occasionally themed custom shipping bags can serve this function.

5 # Going green and eco-friendly

Most of the manufacturers of custom mailing bags, poly bags for shipping and custom shipping bags materials and components that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Aside from using custom mailing bags that can be recycled, businesses also prefer using custom shipping bags made from recycled contents. Thus, by adopting ways that carry a message about your priority on saving this planet from unwanted waste, is a nice gesture to promote your brand’s green identity.

6 # Representing your business in every way

Custom mailing bags can be made according to any size, in any shape and in any or multiple colors. And practically any design or logo of your company or brand can be printed on it to make it more eye-catching and attractive. Thus, custom mailing bags can help represent your business identity as a whole in every possible way that you could think of.


So are you in on having a unique and custom mailing bag made for promoting your brand? WH Packaging is an established business concern that offers customized logo Ldpe/Hdpe plastic courier mailing bags. These bags have sealing strips with self-adhesive permanent glue, made using 3 layers extrusion technology, the option of having gravure printing with up to 8 colors and several other features.

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Top 6 Benefits of Personalized Plastic Bags

From selling ordinary products to building a brand identity, businesses over the last few decades have completely transformed. But one important key that successful businesses have used over all this time to increase, maintain and dominate their market share has been their huge spending on designing the latest and most effective advertising or marketing campaigns.

In the beginning using billboards or huge hoardings at public places or hot locations, distributing free product samples, flyers, brochures and postcards, running ads on television or radio transmission or even sponsoring some huge sports or public event were seen as main ways of marketing.

But as businesses became more self-conscious about having their brands recognized, they focused more and more on utilizing every opportunity that they could use to create their brand awareness among the ordinary public.

What is a personalized plastic bag?

So one key element that was part of every unit that any business sold was its packaging, and became the target for using to create brand awareness. In simple words, we mean to say that the concept of using personalized plastic bags evolved. A personalized plastic bag simply means using a bag that has a logo, company name and a bit of brand information printed on it.

Since then, personalized plastic bags have served successful businesses with gaining more than one advantage. We have here compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of using personalized plastic bags.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

1 # Reusability

Since plastic bags have the tendency of being used multiple times before they finally worn out, it will be a source of free advertising for as long as it keeps in circulation among different people until someone finally throws it away. It is simply like having multiple train rides on a single ticket.

2 # Cost effective

Plastic bags in general is a very cheap yet efficient and widely used form of packaging globally. So adding a bit of personalization to your plastic bags won’t matter much on your budget especially if you can find the right custom plastic bags wholesale manufacturer or supplier.

3 # Easy to carry

Custom made plastic bags or personalized plastic bags are a super easy and portable way to carry anything that fits them easily. While being lightweight themselves, they do not add to the weight of the product that is being carried in them, they do add weight to your brand name as they get into sight of more and more people.

4 # Advertisement channel

As discussed in the beginning, personalized plastic bags can be a great way to advertise your brand or to inform people of any new promotion or sale campaign that is currently happening or is about to begin. Thanks to modern technology, any message or literally any design can be printed on your personalized plastic bags.

5 # No limit on shape, size and color

Getting a personalized plastic bag or custom made plastic bag according to any size to fit your product or in any shape or color to attract more customer’s attention is no big deal today. With just a little bit of research, you will probably get the best custom plastic bags wholesale supplier or manufacturer. So instead of using a single design throughout a season or for several months, feel free to experiment with different shapes, colors and sizes. You can also get individually designed personalized plastic bags for each of your product range as well. And the good thing is that all of this can be done without the need to spend huge amounts of your revenue.

6 # Customer trust and recognition

The ultimate objective of any business is to have a relationship with their customers that is built on mutual trust. Personalized plastic bags can be a great way to make your customers remember about the trust that they have on you in using your product over other alternatives. The more they recognize this fact, the more likely they are to share it and recommend your brand to their friends and family.


Perhaps if we have told you enough to persuade you to begin searching for a personalized plastic bags manufacturer, let us also help you with finding the right one.

Among many custom plastic bags wholesale manufacturers, we have WH Packaging. Manufacturing capability of WH Packaging includes making bags with self-adhesive permanent glue seal strips, gravure printing with up to 8 colors, plastic bag thickness ranging between 30 microns to 150 microns all of which is completely recyclable.

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Read These 7 Tips about Recycled Poly Mailers to Double your Business

The new business trend

An increasing number of businesses are exploring the opportunity to shift their physical presence to online e-commerce stores. This upward shift in the e-commerce industry has also increased the demand for some of the basic things that any online store would consistently need. Among such things are poly mailers, the most preferred product packaging choice of online sellers.

And while we are at it, let us not skip on the fact of being responsible in every manner towards having a safe and healthy environment. Combining our before mentioned product packaging material or poly mailers with this responsibility derives a much eco-friendlier form of packaging, the recycled poly mailers.

So what exactly is a recycled poly mailer?

In an effort to save our planet Earth from being dumped with more and more waste, manufacturers are coming up with ways to produce sustainable packaging alternatives like recycled poly mailers, recycled mailers and recycled padded mailers made completely with 100% recycled content.

By enabling practices to recycle our planet’s waste, we have embarked on a journey to bring eco-friendly packaging solutions to online sellers.

Tips on using recycled poly mailers to double your business

Aside from being eco-friendly and a key to providing more sustainable packaging solutions to online sellers, recycled poly mailers, recycled mailers and recycled padded mailers can also help you in doubling your business. Have a look at some of these –

1 # Customers support green businesses

More and more people are getting aware of how they can contribute to saving the world from becoming a trash bin. By using recycled poly mailers to showcase your objective of adhering to eco-friendly and greener planet practices, you are likely to attract more customers especially that support this cause.

2 # More damage resistant

Recycled poly mailers made with polyethylene material are more damage resistant than most of the other packaging materials available. They are a perfect fit to resist any accidental tear, can resist high levels of stress due to stretching or pulling, do not puncture and are also water and dirt resistant. Thus, any product packed inside remains safe from intrusion and gets safely delivered.

3 # Reduce shipping charges

Recycled poly mailers take up less space on delivery vehicles, which allows more packages to be shipped on a single trip. This eventually leads to reduced shipping costs per parcel.

4 # Easy to pack and seal

Recycled poly mailers can literally accommodate any product within their size. And it is super easy to pack as well which saves plenty of your time. Just insert the product, remove the safety strip on the adhesive and cover the flap to stick it to the other side.

Recycled poly mailers also come with a highly adhesive seal that glues permanently, thus making it impossible to open the package seal during transit. The only way then for a consignee to open the package is to cut through the recycled poly mailer.

5 # Advertising on the way

Recycled poly mailers can be printed with any design and in any color, making it an efficient medium to advertise your online store on its way to the consignee.

6 # Invoice and shipper ticket pouch

Most recycled poly mailers have a pouch made with transparent plastic sheet for the seller to put in the invoice or shipper ticket. This saves you the trouble of printing the invoice or shipper ticket on a sticker paper or using tapes to stick it to the poly mailer’s surface.

7 # Cheap form of packaging

Aside from all the above benefits, recycled poly mailers are also a super cheap, yet highly safe and secure way to package and ship your products. Compared to the profit you would make on a sale; their cost would be quite negligible.

To help you find one window solution for all your recycled poly mailers, we recommend you to check the product portfolio of WH Packaging. From simple recycled poly mailers to high quality custom poly mailer courier bags, we have a ton of different options to suit your product needs.

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Top 5 Points to Know Before Finding a Reliable Poly Bag Manufacturer

Just a few decades back when the world was still not a global village, finding the right number of manufacturers to get the best bargained price of a product was an issue. And in some rare cases, finding even a single manufacturer of an item would be so remote that buyers instead of finding suppliers, sought towards alternatives. Thus it was a time when manufacturers dominated with monopolies.

But during the recent times when the world has become so competitive that getting multiple manufacturers for a single product is no issue at all. The issue now is selecting the right type of manufacturer that stands alongside its claims of quality and professionalism.

Quite similar is the issue with finding a right and reliable poly bag manufacturer. Since packing poly bags are one of the most widely used forms of packaging in the entire world, its list of manufacturers is definitely a long one.

But as discussed above, the goal today is not to find numerous poly bag manufacturers but picking the right and most reliable one. Certainly there are some points to consider before selecting the right poly bag manufacturer for your job. To help you with this issue, we have compiled here a list of top 5 points for you to focus more on before stopping by the most suitable poly bag manufacturer for your product.

1 # Straight and direct

Straight and direct means involving no middle man or supplier in between you (the buyer) and the manufacturer. Although middle man can be seen as a positive assurance to deliver only the best of what has been promised, its negative aspects far outreaches its positive points.

For example, buying from a poly bag manufacturer means making a packing poly bags wholesale deal. In transactions of such volume, the total price of the contract can sharply increase or decrease by even a slightest change in price per unit. Thus avoiding the middle man or supplier can save you from paying big commissions.

2 # Asking for samples and doing research

The second most important thing to do is to ask your prospective poly bag manufacturer for samples of their products that they have manufactured for other clients. To confirm that the samples are real, you might carry out a little research by arranging the same samples from the market. Thus by performing a thorough comparison between the sample and the actual that is available in the market, you get to confirm about the quality of the product.

3 # Learn about the best industry practices

Perhaps the third most important thing to do is to get equipped with some basic knowledge of the latest developments and techniques used in the poly bag manufacturing industry. If budget is a no issue at all for your company, then it is highly advisable to get a poly bags manufacturer that uses the best and the state of the art machinery to manufacture an unbeatable and unmatchable quality product. Having some preliminary updates about the poly bag manufacturing business will also help you ascertain whether you are getting the right price and quality of packing poly bag wholesale or not.

4 # Material and customization

The materials used in manufacturing packing poly bags are considered by nature conservation societies as hazardous to the environment. Make sure that the type of packing poly bag your company is about to adapt is free from any toxic materials.

Also, using an attractive, appealing and customizable design should be part of your marketing campaign. Remember that customer’s usual buying decisions are based on what part of the product is visible to them. Since the packaging of any product is the first thing that meets the eye of a customer, it should always be designed to trigger their emotional thinking rather than their rational mind about buying your product. Customization also means that your customers get a chance to add a bit of their creativity to the packaging like for example a birthday or anniversary wish.

5 # More than just business

The last but very important thing to consider is finding a poly bag manufacturer that values the relationship with you more than the economic benefits that you bring to him. Good manufacturers will always keep your trust and satisfaction first before anything else. The same rule applies to you as well because the key to building a long lasting business relationship is to help and advice on important issues to make a win-win case on every deal.

If reading the above passages have been beneficial to you, let us help you save your time by recommending you the most reliable poly bag manufacturer namely WH Packaging. Among many of the advanced and latest techniques that WH Packaging use in poly bag manufacturing, our highlights include 3-layered extrusion technology, gravure printing with up to 8 colors, 30 to 150 microns’ thickness, adhesive seal tape for use in express delivery and 100% recyclable materials.

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How Custom Product Packaging Increase Your Sales

Product packaging and its role in marketing and sales are at its highest level, and we are all aware of the importance of custom Product Packaging in the sales of goods and packaging. Custom shipping packaging plays a significant role in sales, in addition to protecting the product and appearance and facilitating distribution and shipping.


The role of packaging design in advertising marketing and sales is beneficial and for each organization is a certificate to introduce the product. Product packaging shows how the product is stored and protected by the consumer. Packaging can make an excellent product to a great one. In the continuation of this article, WH Packaging company, which has been operating in the field of custom shipping packaging since 2011, especially custom poly mailers, wants to share its experiences with you about the impact of this type of packaging on the sales of companies.

Purpose of Custom Product Packaging

The most important packaging can be considered branding and creating an identity for the product. As much as a customer buys a product, he also accepts the brand of that. For example, a customer may purchase a moisturizing face cream, but his/her choice overshadowed by that brand. Proper and principled packaging with the right design plays a significant role in separating brands and product names and markings, sometimes with the appearance of the packaging and sometimes with the use of paint and coating.

Another important goal in custom product packaging is physical protection, warehousing, marketing and sales, and product quality protection. custom Product Packaging plays two essential roles worldwide: 

  • Maintenance of goods
  • Supply and market competition


It can be said that packaging is considered as a silent seller because the goods do not show themselves directly to the buyer. It is the cover that represents the material inside them in various forms and short sentences and provides the necessary information to the audience.


Many people are impressed when they buy the product because the packaging is a unique design that creates a positive emotional response, and the customer is initially faced with the packaging of the work he needs; as a result, custom Product Packaging has a significant impact on product selection by customers and product sales. When packaging does not directly affect the purchasing decision, such as when you shop online, the customer will see the packaging of their product after purchase, and this further increases the positive or negative mental impact of the customer on the investment. Experts believe that it does not matter when the customer sees the packaging of your goods, in any case, the custom shipping packaging of the goods will have a significant impact on both sales and customer satisfaction. Therefore, considering a suitable custom product packaging should be one of the priorities of your product design and development team.

Benefits of custom packaging

custom Product Packaging not only make your products visible to customers but also help a lot in gaining the trust of customers and choosing your product among the goods of your competitors. Imagine you are using a custom poly mailer that is personalized with your company design and photo, and your competitors do not use this option! In this case, you will win the competition.


Custom Product Packaging with visually appealing labels or the use of different packaging materials such as polybag packaging can differentiate your company brand from others and have a significant impact on the development of your brand. The use of quality raw materials and custom Product Packaging can show the uniqueness of your products. Custom packaging enables you to sell your product through branding and marketing. Sometimes small efforts can dramatically affect your brand growth and customer satisfaction.

Today, due to the advancement of technology, various packages can be produced, and WH Packaging is one of the leaders in this field. If you also need guidance and advice for the design and production of your product packaging, contact our experts to guide you thoroughly.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Poly Mailer Bags Are the Best for Shipping

Choosing the right packaging for shipments, from the cost of transportation to the safe arrival of products to the destination, has always been the concern of postal customers. Postal packages, like all other fields, have changed in recent years. One of these changes is poly mailer bags. These poly mailer bags, which are very light, are made of a material called polyethylene, which is resistant to moisture and pressure. Although we have custom poly bags, they are usually white or grey. The use of poly bags for shipping has become one of the best packaging methods today; Because it is both cheaper and safer. In the following, WH Packaging experts will point out three reasons for choosing poly mailer bags, so do not miss this article!

Cheaper shipping cost

Although corrugated boxes are sturdy, inexpensive, and damage-resistant, poly mailer bags have the same performance while reducing shipping costs. You may ask, how is this possible?


Because of their lightweight and small size, poly mailers cost less per shipments when contrasted with boxes. One central point in the evaluating of shipments is dimensional weight, and the estimating strategy utilized by transportation transporters where they charge whichever number is more prominent: the genuine load of the bundle or its determined dimensional weight. Along these lines, transporters can charge more cash for a lightweight bundle that occupies a ton of space on the truck. They additionally have overcharged for heavyweight shipments, so keeping piles little and light is in any organization’s best interest.


Poly mailer bags occupy less space than boxes, so they help lessen dimensional load to enable you to spare considerably more on transportation costs. The more shipments that go out in a crate that could go out securely in a poly mailer, all the more transportation costs will eat into your edge after some time.

Send packages lighter, smaller and safer!

Owing to poly mailer bags are made of plastic, they are much easier to store. In general, these bags have Lighter weight than most other solutions. Their small size also means they carry less space in vehicles, so you pay less for shipping. When it comes to delivery, poly mailer bags can sometimes be placed in a mailbox, which reduces the risk of theft compared to packages that can only be placed outdoors. As mentioned, the use of poly bags for shipping has considered almost everything!


Have packaging with your brand!

Custom poly bags that use your brand will help make your shipments stand out. If you want to look good, like custom boxes, poly mailer bags can also include your brand logo, colour or images. This customization goes even further if your company cares about environmentally friendly materials or the use of non-recyclable materials may not be appropriate for your company, we have good news for you. Poly mailer bags have considered this need.


Although you may think that poly bags for shipping are a terrible option for the environment, many packaging companies offer environmentally friendly packaging options for poly mailers. As mentioned, if your brand is based on an environmental mission, using a poly mailer bag does not seem appropriate for your brand. So then, you can utilize everything from reused poly mailers to biodegradable poly mailers like WH Packaging clients do.

Few out of every odd item must be delivered in a box. Poly mailer bags are an outstanding bundling choice for private company’s delivery to set aside much more cash while guaranteeing things aren’t harmed. Contact WH Packaging by clicking the button below and learn more about how WH Packaging can assist you with retail satisfaction while developing your business.

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How Can Polybag Packaging Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

Have you ever thought about the role of packaging in consumer buying behavior? When people’s material needs are greatly met, spiritual needs will be given high priority. With the more and more enthusiastic pursuit of aesthetics, product packaging plays an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing behavior. John McCabe published a golden sentence in the Startup Nation: “product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually.” There is no doubt that exquisite external packaging will attract a large number of consumers.

In this article, we want to show how polybag packaging can play a role in customer buying behavior. Before the discussion of how can polybag packaging influences consumer buying behavior, we need to have a clear understanding of the relevant concepts in order to help us understand the importance of polybag packaging well.

Polybag packaging usually refers to the package used to express transportation. Polybag packaging is gradually becoming the first choice of express packaging for the reason that it is made of polyethylene material with excellent properties such as waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, etc. which can protect the products well during the transportation process.

As for consumer buying behavior, it refers to all consumer-related personal behaviors around the purchase of living stuff, including the psychological activities, physiological activities, and other substantive activities displayed in the process from the formation of demand motivation to the feeling after purchase. Generally speaking, there are five stages in consumer purchasing behavior:

  1. Consumers feel certain needs through internal physiological activities or external stimulation.
  2. Consumers obtain information about commodities through media publicity and other people’s experience.
  3. Consumers analyze and weigh the information obtained and make a preliminary choice.
  4. The purchase intention that the consumer expresses finally.
  5. Evaluation of consumption effect after purchase.

    As we all know, with the help of the virtual world, boundaries and time no longer make sense. Online sales have entered many industries, which also promotes the development of the logistics industry and provides a hotbed for the vigorous development of polybag packaging. The truth is that due to the rise of online shopping trends, how the product is transported and packaged is also a factor that consumers consider when they decide whether to buy or not.

    In today’s world of fierce competition and variety of products, the successful sale of any product requires that the packaging and appearance of the product can establish an important relationship with the buyer and attract the attention of customers. The impact of poly packaging on consumers’ purchase behavior is a closed-loop. When there is a bad feeling at one stage, the consumer may stop the whole purchase. And the most direct impact is the evaluation of consumer effect after purchase.

    Polybag packaging has the function of protection for goods in the process of transportation. If consumers find out that the poly packaging is damaged during transportation due to poor quality and the integrity of the products inside is damaged when they receive the express package, they will have a bad impression on the store and the shopping experience. There even has the possibility that they will never continue to consume in this store. What’s worse, he or she will share the bad shopping experience with friends, family, and colleagues. There is no doubt that the third party’s evaluation will directly affect the consumer’s purchase desire. With this kind of external stimulation, the potential buyers of the store will terminate their purchase behavior.

    Furthermore, poly packaging, because of its excellent performance, has been getting more and more attention, and consumers in mounting numbers are more willing to choose a business that uses the polybag as their express packaging. Compared with box packaging, poly packaging is waterproof. Especially on rainy days or when the package is wet, poly bags can still keep the contents intact, while paper packaging is unable to guarantee that.

    Besides, polybag packaging has won the hearts of many consumers as it is portable, easy to arrange, and place and even does not occupy too much space. When consumers make a buying behavior, the business who use poly bags will exert an important influence on the stage of consumers collecting data and evaluation, driving consumers’ willingness to incline more to the side of deciding to buy.

    Poly packaging is occupying its unique position in the logistics industry with its efforts. In view of the fact that poly packaging has such an important influence in the process of consumers’ purchasing behavior, it is urgent to use polybag packaging as an alternative choice of express packaging. Create your signature packaging solution here with WH Packaging to help you win more orders. WH Packaging is a poly mailer manufacturer with rich OEM and ODM service experience to provide you with perfect express packaging solutions according to your needs.

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A Guide of Printed Poly Mailer

The logistics industry has gained the derivative benefit brought by the explosive growth of e-commerce platforms in recent years that constitutes an indispensable part of people’s life. Although we do not receive express packages every day, there is no doubt that a variety of express packages come into view always. Moreover, for the development of express packaging, it has experienced from bulky to lightweight, pollution to environmental protection. Nowadays, with the popularization of light and green life, more and more consumers prefer to accept green and compact express packaging like a printed poly mailer.


The post covers the following topics to help you understand printed poly mailer more comprehensively:

  • What is a printed poly mailer?
  • What are the advantages of the printed poly mailer?
  • Usages of the printed poly mailer.
  • Where to buy the printed poly mailer?

    What is a printed poly mailer?

    Printed poly mailers and cartons have gradually become the representatives of the logistics industry. For some small or light items, people tend to choose printed poly mailers as the package for express transportation. Poly mailer refers to a pouch made of polyethylene. Due to its excellent properties, such as tear resistance, water resistance, tamper resistance, and corrosion resistance, polyethylene is a good choice for industrial packaging film, medicine and food packaging film, express bag, etc. And poly mailer also comes in a wide variety of types and sizes. In addition to the self-adhesive permanent glue mailers we are familiar with, there are also hand-held mailers.


    As the name implies, a printed poly mailer is a poly pouch that supports free customization. Customization is a word that has been mentioned a lot in the consumer market with the personal needs of consumers been paid more and more attention. According to the needs of different consumers, printed poly mailer means that you can design and print the patterns you like on the surface of the bag, and you can even try different colors without sticking to the ordinary white. Generally speaking, most of the users of custom printed poly mailers are retailers who prefer to print their brand logo on the surface of poly mailers for the achievement of the best advertising effect.


    What are the advantages of the printed poly mailer?

    The reason why printed poly mailer has gradually become the first choice of express packaging is that there are many other advantages that attract consumers and businesses to make such rational choices without hesitation except the superior performance of materials and the most important competitive characteristics of customization.


    Simple packaging steps: Printed poly mailer is a great way to reduce work and increase productivity. Packaging with printed poly mailer is divided into two steps: packaging and sealing. When sealing, just tear off the anti-sticking strip to achieve strong adhesion. The whole packaging process is completed in one smooth motion with a few seconds. Therefore, by using this type of packaging, you can save a lot of time and increase production.


    Low cost: The raw material of printed poly mailer is polyethylene which has an efficient and fast production process. Coupled with the high output brought by automation, the production cost of the printed poly mailer is much lower than that of other transport packaging such as cartons. Besides, because printed poly mailer is more suitable for small and light items, it does not take up space and can be transported in large volumes. In other words, its transportation cost is lower than that of articles packed in cartons.

    Free advertising: Printed poly mailer is a great way for businesses to advertise for free. The company logo and brand name are allowed to print on the surface of the custom printed poly mailer to achieve brand promotion or other promotional needs. When consumers receive the package packaged by the printed poly mailer, they can see the pattern and text on the surface of the bag more intuitively and clearly than other express packages like cartons because of its small size. However, the box packaging has at least six sides, and consumers seldom pay attention to the information on each surface. Thus, the use of custom printed poly mailer is virtually equivalent to a free advertisement for the business.


    Environmentally friendly materials: Pollution has become an increasingly serious problem forcing countries around the world trying to come up with environmental protection policies. As more and more environmental protection policies and people’s awareness of environmental protection are gradually cultivated, express packaging is developing towards a more environmentally friendly direction. Just as a printed poly mailer in WH packaging is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, counting as an environmentally friendly express package.


    Usages of the printed poly mailer

    We take it for granted that if you own a business selling products or running an online store, you usually need to transport and package products. The printed poly mailer at this time plays its role. However, usage of the printed poly mailer is not limited to these industries. Not surprisingly, almost any service can use printed poly mailers. Although printed poly mailers are more commonly used in the e-commerce and retail industries, they are also common and useful in other fields, such as banks. When a bank needs to send documents to its customers, the waterproof printed poly mailer is the most widely used because the paper bags and boxes are likely to be damaged by water.

    Where to buy the printed poly mailer?

    After knowing the basic knowledge of printed poly mailers, I bet you must have such a doubt that where can I find these cheap and high-quality printed poly mailers? Nowadays, printed poly mailers are generally mass production due to the popularity of automation and the simplified production process of the printed poly mailer. When you are generating demand for the printed poly mailer, an original manufacturer with OEM and ODM services to realize personalized customization can be your choice.


    WH packaging is such an expert in the manufacturing of printed poly mailers with rich experience, capability, and R&D resources. Here at WH Packaging offers printed poly mailer to support customers who run small businesses, online shops, and e-commerce sites with custom printed poly mailer and to make any OEM/OEM integration a brilliant success.

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