WH PACKAGINGFilm Blowing Process

In this process, it is to make raw material into poly film rolls. We buy and use imported high quality virgin LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE raw material (mainly Made in USA,UAE,SG)
Then using our three layer co-extruded film blowing machine to blow raw material into poly film rolls.

Currently we own 13 sets high efficient film blowing machines. Monthly production capacity: 1300 ton poly film rolls.

WH PACKAGINGPrinting Process

Some clients want to purchase their own customized design poly mailers, we can help client achieve it through this process.
We use Gravure printing, which is high cutting edge printing technnology, can do up to 8 color printing. printing effect is exquisite,can meet many client’s requirements.

WH PACKAGINGCutting&Packaging Process

Now,it comes to final process,in this process, it is to make poly film rolls which needs printing or Plain poly film rolls into final product—bags
Cutting. Brief Process is Putting poly film rolls on machine —Converting—Covering glue on adhesive strip—Cutting Bags.

Packaging: Common way is Inner Clear Poly bag,outer pack with carton, Pallet packing(optional)
(usually 50 or 100 pcs /clear poly bags, then 200 or 500 or 1000 pcs / per carton)

Warehouse: we are now using new modernized warehouse,which allow us to store impressive amount order volume.

Currently we own 29 sets bag cutting machines with very fast speed and precise cutting technology. monthly production capacity reach 90 million pcs, which is very impressive production capacity.

With all these, we are confident to provide our clients a long-term stable high quality product, as well as stable and fast delivery requirements

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