Product packaging and its role in marketing and sales are at its highest level, and we are all aware of the importance of custom Product Packaging in the sales of goods and packaging. Custom shipping packaging plays a significant role in sales, in addition to protecting the product and appearance and facilitating distribution and shipping.


The role of packaging design in advertising marketing and sales is beneficial and for each organization is a certificate to introduce the product. Product packaging shows how the product is stored and protected by the consumer. Packaging can make an excellent product to a great one. In the continuation of this article, WH Packaging company, which has been operating in the field of custom shipping packaging since 2011, especially custom poly mailers, wants to share its experiences with you about the impact of this type of packaging on the sales of companies.

Purpose of Custom Product Packaging

The most important packaging can be considered branding and creating an identity for the product. As much as a customer buys a product, he also accepts the brand of that. For example, a customer may purchase a moisturizing face cream, but his/her choice overshadowed by that brand. Proper and principled packaging with the right design plays a significant role in separating brands and product names and markings, sometimes with the appearance of the packaging and sometimes with the use of paint and coating.

Another important goal in custom product packaging is physical protection, warehousing, marketing and sales, and product quality protection. custom Product Packaging plays two essential roles worldwide: 

  • Maintenance of goods
  • Supply and market competition


It can be said that packaging is considered as a silent seller because the goods do not show themselves directly to the buyer. It is the cover that represents the material inside them in various forms and short sentences and provides the necessary information to the audience.


Many people are impressed when they buy the product because the packaging is a unique design that creates a positive emotional response, and the customer is initially faced with the packaging of the work he needs; as a result, custom Product Packaging has a significant impact on product selection by customers and product sales. When packaging does not directly affect the purchasing decision, such as when you shop online, the customer will see the packaging of their product after purchase, and this further increases the positive or negative mental impact of the customer on the investment. Experts believe that it does not matter when the customer sees the packaging of your goods, in any case, the custom shipping packaging of the goods will have a significant impact on both sales and customer satisfaction. Therefore, considering a suitable custom product packaging should be one of the priorities of your product design and development team.

Benefits of custom packaging

custom Product Packaging not only make your products visible to customers but also help a lot in gaining the trust of customers and choosing your product among the goods of your competitors. Imagine you are using a custom poly mailer that is personalized with your company design and photo, and your competitors do not use this option! In this case, you will win the competition.


Custom Product Packaging with visually appealing labels or the use of different packaging materials such as polybag packaging can differentiate your company brand from others and have a significant impact on the development of your brand. The use of quality raw materials and custom Product Packaging can show the uniqueness of your products. Custom packaging enables you to sell your product through branding and marketing. Sometimes small efforts can dramatically affect your brand growth and customer satisfaction.

Today, due to the advancement of technology, various packages can be produced, and WH Packaging is one of the leaders in this field. If you also need guidance and advice for the design and production of your product packaging, contact our experts to guide you thoroughly.