Have you ever thought about the role of packaging in consumer buying behavior? When people’s material needs are greatly met, spiritual needs will be given high priority. With the more and more enthusiastic pursuit of aesthetics, product packaging plays an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing behavior. John McCabe published a golden sentence in the Startup Nation: “product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually.” There is no doubt that exquisite external packaging will attract a large number of consumers.

In this article, we want to show how polybag packaging can play a role in customer buying behavior. Before the discussion of how can polybag packaging influences consumer buying behavior, we need to have a clear understanding of the relevant concepts in order to help us understand the importance of polybag packaging well.

Polybag packaging usually refers to the package used to express transportation. Polybag packaging is gradually becoming the first choice of express packaging for the reason that it is made of polyethylene material with excellent properties such as waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, etc. which can protect the products well during the transportation process.

As for consumer buying behavior, it refers to all consumer-related personal behaviors around the purchase of living stuff, including the psychological activities, physiological activities, and other substantive activities displayed in the process from the formation of demand motivation to the feeling after purchase. Generally speaking, there are five stages in consumer purchasing behavior:

  1. Consumers feel certain needs through internal physiological activities or external stimulation.
  2. Consumers obtain information about commodities through media publicity and other people’s experience.
  3. Consumers analyze and weigh the information obtained and make a preliminary choice.
  4. The purchase intention that the consumer expresses finally.
  5. Evaluation of consumption effect after purchase.

    As we all know, with the help of the virtual world, boundaries and time no longer make sense. Online sales have entered many industries, which also promotes the development of the logistics industry and provides a hotbed for the vigorous development of polybag packaging. The truth is that due to the rise of online shopping trends, how the product is transported and packaged is also a factor that consumers consider when they decide whether to buy or not.

    In today’s world of fierce competition and variety of products, the successful sale of any product requires that the packaging and appearance of the product can establish an important relationship with the buyer and attract the attention of customers. The impact of poly packaging on consumers’ purchase behavior is a closed-loop. When there is a bad feeling at one stage, the consumer may stop the whole purchase. And the most direct impact is the evaluation of consumer effect after purchase.

    Polybag packaging has the function of protection for goods in the process of transportation. If consumers find out that the poly packaging is damaged during transportation due to poor quality and the integrity of the products inside is damaged when they receive the express package, they will have a bad impression on the store and the shopping experience. There even has the possibility that they will never continue to consume in this store. What’s worse, he or she will share the bad shopping experience with friends, family, and colleagues. There is no doubt that the third party’s evaluation will directly affect the consumer’s purchase desire. With this kind of external stimulation, the potential buyers of the store will terminate their purchase behavior.

    Furthermore, poly packaging, because of its excellent performance, has been getting more and more attention, and consumers in mounting numbers are more willing to choose a business that uses the polybag as their express packaging. Compared with box packaging, poly packaging is waterproof. Especially on rainy days or when the package is wet, poly bags can still keep the contents intact, while paper packaging is unable to guarantee that.

    Besides, polybag packaging has won the hearts of many consumers as it is portable, easy to arrange, and place and even does not occupy too much space. When consumers make a buying behavior, the business who use poly bags will exert an important influence on the stage of consumers collecting data and evaluation, driving consumers’ willingness to incline more to the side of deciding to buy.

    Poly packaging is occupying its unique position in the logistics industry with its efforts. In view of the fact that poly packaging has such an important influence in the process of consumers’ purchasing behavior, it is urgent to use polybag packaging as an alternative choice of express packaging. Create your signature packaging solution here with WH Packaging to help you win more orders. WH Packaging is a poly mailer manufacturer with rich OEM and ODM service experience to provide you with perfect express packaging solutions according to your needs.