Choosing the right packaging for shipments, from the cost of transportation to the safe arrival of products to the destination, has always been the concern of postal customers. Postal packages, like all other fields, have changed in recent years. One of these changes is poly mailer bags. These poly mailer bags, which are very light, are made of a material called polyethylene, which is resistant to moisture and pressure. Although we have custom poly bags, they are usually white or grey. The use of poly bags for shipping has become one of the best packaging methods today; Because it is both cheaper and safer. In the following, WH Packaging experts will point out three reasons for choosing poly mailer bags, so do not miss this article!

Cheaper shipping cost

Although corrugated boxes are sturdy, inexpensive, and damage-resistant, poly mailer bags have the same performance while reducing shipping costs. You may ask, how is this possible?


Because of their lightweight and small size, poly mailers cost less per shipments when contrasted with boxes. One central point in the evaluating of shipments is dimensional weight, and the estimating strategy utilized by transportation transporters where they charge whichever number is more prominent: the genuine load of the bundle or its determined dimensional weight. Along these lines, transporters can charge more cash for a lightweight bundle that occupies a ton of space on the truck. They additionally have overcharged for heavyweight shipments, so keeping piles little and light is in any organization’s best interest.


Poly mailer bags occupy less space than boxes, so they help lessen dimensional load to enable you to spare considerably more on transportation costs. The more shipments that go out in a crate that could go out securely in a poly mailer, all the more transportation costs will eat into your edge after some time.

Send packages lighter, smaller and safer!

Owing to poly mailer bags are made of plastic, they are much easier to store. In general, these bags have Lighter weight than most other solutions. Their small size also means they carry less space in vehicles, so you pay less for shipping. When it comes to delivery, poly mailer bags can sometimes be placed in a mailbox, which reduces the risk of theft compared to packages that can only be placed outdoors. As mentioned, the use of poly bags for shipping has considered almost everything!


Have packaging with your brand!

Custom poly bags that use your brand will help make your shipments stand out. If you want to look good, like custom boxes, poly mailer bags can also include your brand logo, colour or images. This customization goes even further if your company cares about environmentally friendly materials or the use of non-recyclable materials may not be appropriate for your company, we have good news for you. Poly mailer bags have considered this need.


Although you may think that poly bags for shipping are a terrible option for the environment, many packaging companies offer environmentally friendly packaging options for poly mailers. As mentioned, if your brand is based on an environmental mission, using a poly mailer bag does not seem appropriate for your brand. So then, you can utilize everything from reused poly mailers to biodegradable poly mailers like WH Packaging clients do.

Few out of every odd item must be delivered in a box. Poly mailer bags are an outstanding bundling choice for private company’s delivery to set aside much more cash while guaranteeing things aren’t harmed. Contact WH Packaging by clicking the button below and learn more about how WH Packaging can assist you with retail satisfaction while developing your business.