Mailing bag and its characteristics

Mailing bags or poly mailers are a lightweight and easy to use alternative to using corrugated sheet card boxes, ideally used for shipping apparel and non-fragile items.

Their main characteristics of mailing bags or poly mailers include:

  • Weather resistant like protection of products inside from rain, dust or moisture
  • Easy-to-use package
  • Flexible
  • Self-sealing
  • Saves shipping costs as compared to using card boxes
  • Can be customized and personalized
  • Safe and secure because once sealed it needs to be cut to take the inside product out
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for transporting confidential documents like passports, etc.

Because of the above mentioned characteristics, especially the fact that mailing bags can also be designed and printed to promote any brand, more and more businesses today use custom mailing bags to not only ship their products, but also to distribute souvenirs and product samples packed in them for guests at any corporate event or conference.

How can custom mailing bags be used for brand promotion?

Custom mailing bags or custom shipping bags can be used for promoting any brand in a number of ways.

1 # Convenience

While you serve your customers with custom mailing bags with the core objective of brand promotion, your customers would love to carry them because of their convenience factor. Custom poly bags are very easy and casual to handle and require no formal etiquettes.

2 # Reusability factor

One of the finest things about using custom mailing bags is that they can be used again and again for any number of times before finally wearing out and being thrown in trash. Because of this the longer they are used, the more brand promotion of your product they can possibly do.

3 # Conscious customers

Buyers today have become super conscious than ever on what maximum utility they could derive from each penny that they spend. They not only care about the product that they are buying but also the packaging that contains it. For any business which is not able to keep up with these demands of its customers, can really face a decline in its sales. Giving a meaningful and purpose built custom poly bag on every sale that is shipped will not only make your customers happy, but will also promote your product.

4 # Made for the right occasion

To increase sales volume and to garner more and new customers, businesses today all around the globe engage in celebrating different events to mark important days of the year. Getting custom poly bags for shipping can help businesses establish the fact that how much they care for the community that they operate in and how much they respect their culture by rewarding them in the best possible manner. Hence, having occasionally themed custom shipping bags can serve this function.

5 # Going green and eco-friendly

Most of the manufacturers of custom mailing bags, poly bags for shipping and custom shipping bags materials and components that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Aside from using custom mailing bags that can be recycled, businesses also prefer using custom shipping bags made from recycled contents. Thus, by adopting ways that carry a message about your priority on saving this planet from unwanted waste, is a nice gesture to promote your brand’s green identity.

6 # Representing your business in every way

Custom mailing bags can be made according to any size, in any shape and in any or multiple colors. And practically any design or logo of your company or brand can be printed on it to make it more eye-catching and attractive. Thus, custom mailing bags can help represent your business identity as a whole in every possible way that you could think of.


So are you in on having a unique and custom mailing bag made for promoting your brand? WH Packaging is an established business concern that offers customized logo Ldpe/Hdpe plastic courier mailing bags. These bags have sealing strips with self-adhesive permanent glue, made using 3 layers extrusion technology, the option of having gravure printing with up to 8 colors and several other features.