The logistics industry has gained the derivative benefit brought by the explosive growth of e-commerce platforms in recent years that constitutes an indispensable part of people’s life. Although we do not receive express packages every day, there is no doubt that a variety of express packages come into view always. Moreover, for the development of express packaging, it has experienced from bulky to lightweight, pollution to environmental protection. Nowadays, with the popularization of light and green life, more and more consumers prefer to accept green and compact express packaging like a printed poly mailer.


The post covers the following topics to help you understand printed poly mailer more comprehensively:

  • What is a printed poly mailer?
  • What are the advantages of the printed poly mailer?
  • Usages of the printed poly mailer.
  • Where to buy the printed poly mailer?

    What is a printed poly mailer?

    Printed poly mailers and cartons have gradually become the representatives of the logistics industry. For some small or light items, people tend to choose printed poly mailers as the package for express transportation. Poly mailer refers to a pouch made of polyethylene. Due to its excellent properties, such as tear resistance, water resistance, tamper resistance, and corrosion resistance, polyethylene is a good choice for industrial packaging film, medicine and food packaging film, express bag, etc. And poly mailer also comes in a wide variety of types and sizes. In addition to the self-adhesive permanent glue mailers we are familiar with, there are also hand-held mailers.


    As the name implies, a printed poly mailer is a poly pouch that supports free customization. Customization is a word that has been mentioned a lot in the consumer market with the personal needs of consumers been paid more and more attention. According to the needs of different consumers, printed poly mailer means that you can design and print the patterns you like on the surface of the bag, and you can even try different colors without sticking to the ordinary white. Generally speaking, most of the users of custom printed poly mailers are retailers who prefer to print their brand logo on the surface of poly mailers for the achievement of the best advertising effect.


    What are the advantages of the printed poly mailer?

    The reason why printed poly mailer has gradually become the first choice of express packaging is that there are many other advantages that attract consumers and businesses to make such rational choices without hesitation except the superior performance of materials and the most important competitive characteristics of customization.


    Simple packaging steps: Printed poly mailer is a great way to reduce work and increase productivity. Packaging with printed poly mailer is divided into two steps: packaging and sealing. When sealing, just tear off the anti-sticking strip to achieve strong adhesion. The whole packaging process is completed in one smooth motion with a few seconds. Therefore, by using this type of packaging, you can save a lot of time and increase production.


    Low cost: The raw material of printed poly mailer is polyethylene which has an efficient and fast production process. Coupled with the high output brought by automation, the production cost of the printed poly mailer is much lower than that of other transport packaging such as cartons. Besides, because printed poly mailer is more suitable for small and light items, it does not take up space and can be transported in large volumes. In other words, its transportation cost is lower than that of articles packed in cartons.

    Free advertising: Printed poly mailer is a great way for businesses to advertise for free. The company logo and brand name are allowed to print on the surface of the custom printed poly mailer to achieve brand promotion or other promotional needs. When consumers receive the package packaged by the printed poly mailer, they can see the pattern and text on the surface of the bag more intuitively and clearly than other express packages like cartons because of its small size. However, the box packaging has at least six sides, and consumers seldom pay attention to the information on each surface. Thus, the use of custom printed poly mailer is virtually equivalent to a free advertisement for the business.


    Environmentally friendly materials: Pollution has become an increasingly serious problem forcing countries around the world trying to come up with environmental protection policies. As more and more environmental protection policies and people’s awareness of environmental protection are gradually cultivated, express packaging is developing towards a more environmentally friendly direction. Just as a printed poly mailer in WH packaging is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, counting as an environmentally friendly express package.


    Usages of the printed poly mailer

    We take it for granted that if you own a business selling products or running an online store, you usually need to transport and package products. The printed poly mailer at this time plays its role. However, usage of the printed poly mailer is not limited to these industries. Not surprisingly, almost any service can use printed poly mailers. Although printed poly mailers are more commonly used in the e-commerce and retail industries, they are also common and useful in other fields, such as banks. When a bank needs to send documents to its customers, the waterproof printed poly mailer is the most widely used because the paper bags and boxes are likely to be damaged by water.

    Where to buy the printed poly mailer?

    After knowing the basic knowledge of printed poly mailers, I bet you must have such a doubt that where can I find these cheap and high-quality printed poly mailers? Nowadays, printed poly mailers are generally mass production due to the popularity of automation and the simplified production process of the printed poly mailer. When you are generating demand for the printed poly mailer, an original manufacturer with OEM and ODM services to realize personalized customization can be your choice.


    WH packaging is such an expert in the manufacturing of printed poly mailers with rich experience, capability, and R&D resources. Here at WH Packaging offers printed poly mailer to support customers who run small businesses, online shops, and e-commerce sites with custom printed poly mailer and to make any OEM/OEM integration a brilliant success.