The new business trend

An increasing number of businesses are exploring the opportunity to shift their physical presence to online e-commerce stores. This upward shift in the e-commerce industry has also increased the demand for some of the basic things that any online store would consistently need. Among such things are poly mailers, the most preferred product packaging choice of online sellers.

And while we are at it, let us not skip on the fact of being responsible in every manner towards having a safe and healthy environment. Combining our before mentioned product packaging material or poly mailers with this responsibility derives a much eco-friendlier form of packaging, the recycled poly mailers.

So what exactly is a recycled poly mailer?

In an effort to save our planet Earth from being dumped with more and more waste, manufacturers are coming up with ways to produce sustainable packaging alternatives like recycled poly mailers, recycled mailers and recycled padded mailers made completely with 100% recycled content.

By enabling practices to recycle our planet’s waste, we have embarked on a journey to bring eco-friendly packaging solutions to online sellers.

Tips on using recycled poly mailers to double your business

Aside from being eco-friendly and a key to providing more sustainable packaging solutions to online sellers, recycled poly mailers, recycled mailers and recycled padded mailers can also help you in doubling your business. Have a look at some of these –

1 # Customers support green businesses

More and more people are getting aware of how they can contribute to saving the world from becoming a trash bin. By using recycled poly mailers to showcase your objective of adhering to eco-friendly and greener planet practices, you are likely to attract more customers especially that support this cause.

2 # More damage resistant

Recycled poly mailers made with polyethylene material are more damage resistant than most of the other packaging materials available. They are a perfect fit to resist any accidental tear, can resist high levels of stress due to stretching or pulling, do not puncture and are also water and dirt resistant. Thus, any product packed inside remains safe from intrusion and gets safely delivered.

3 # Reduce shipping charges

Recycled poly mailers take up less space on delivery vehicles, which allows more packages to be shipped on a single trip. This eventually leads to reduced shipping costs per parcel.

4 # Easy to pack and seal

Recycled poly mailers can literally accommodate any product within their size. And it is super easy to pack as well which saves plenty of your time. Just insert the product, remove the safety strip on the adhesive and cover the flap to stick it to the other side.

Recycled poly mailers also come with a highly adhesive seal that glues permanently, thus making it impossible to open the package seal during transit. The only way then for a consignee to open the package is to cut through the recycled poly mailer.

5 # Advertising on the way

Recycled poly mailers can be printed with any design and in any color, making it an efficient medium to advertise your online store on its way to the consignee.

6 # Invoice and shipper ticket pouch

Most recycled poly mailers have a pouch made with transparent plastic sheet for the seller to put in the invoice or shipper ticket. This saves you the trouble of printing the invoice or shipper ticket on a sticker paper or using tapes to stick it to the poly mailer’s surface.

7 # Cheap form of packaging

Aside from all the above benefits, recycled poly mailers are also a super cheap, yet highly safe and secure way to package and ship your products. Compared to the profit you would make on a sale; their cost would be quite negligible.

To help you find one window solution for all your recycled poly mailers, we recommend you to check the product portfolio of WH Packaging. From simple recycled poly mailers to high quality custom poly mailer courier bags, we have a ton of different options to suit your product needs.